Hear New Tune from the Black Angels


Austin’s psychedelic rock bunch the Black Angels premiered new song “Telephone Blues” yesterday on Spin.

“It’s about no one hearing your calling, while everything around you is crumbling, about being left lonely and nothing seeming holy,” guitarist Christian Bland told SPIN.com.

“Telephone” will appear on third album, Phosphene Dream, available Sept. 14, and at just over two-minutes long, is a departure from some of their previous work.

“Most songs are shorter (on the new album), because we used a producer, and a producer’s job is to help you hone it in within three minutes and 30 seconds, or four and a half,” Black Angels multi-instrumentalist Kyle Hunt told Fender News back in March. “We come from the Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan and the Doors, and they all had long, eight-minute songs; six-minute songs. The Velvet Underground—their songs are simple and pretty and not tons of changes, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s the drone and repetition so we had to learn how to get that hypnotic sound within a three-and-a-half-minute thing where it’s exciting and explosive, and still has some song form.”

The Black Angels can also be heard on the latest Twilight soundtrack Eclipse on its track “With You in my Head,” a collaboration with UNKLE.


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