Guitars Increase Your Sex Appeal

Two independent studies have found that women find men more attractive if they are holding a guitar.

A recently published study in the journal Psychology of Music was conducted by a French team of researchers led by Nicolas Guéguen of the Universite de Bretagne-Sud. A 20-year-old male approached 300 young women with the same opening line and then asked for her number. For 100 approaches each, the man approached empty-handed, holding a sports bag and carrying a guitar case.

The guitar case yielded his highest success rate with 31 percent of the women giving him their number, compared to nine percent when holding the sports bag and 14 percent when empty-handed.

A previous study in Israel, published in the journal Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, was conducted via Facebook. A 100 single female students from Tel Aviv University and Ben Gurion University received a friend request from a single man with a message that read, “Hey, what’s up? I like your photo.” Half the women were sent a friend request with a profile pic that featured a man playing a guitar. The others were linked to a profile that featured the same man, sans guitar.

Only five of the 50 women accepted the friendship from the man without a guitar, while 14 of the 50 women confirmed the friendship from the profile with the guitar.

Watch NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams quickly recap the recent studies in the clip below.

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