Guitarist Reviews Fender Super-Sonic Twin Combo

The August issue of U.K. magazine Guitarist reviews the Fender Super-Sonic Twin Combo— the high-performance, no-nonsense tube amp.

The review starts with a brief history on how Leo Fender, who was born on this date on Aug. 10, 1909, created the standards for guitar amplification. It goes on to describe the combo in detail, covering everything from cosmetics to its technical intricacies.

As a final verdict, the magazine writes this:

“Aimed primarily at semi-pro and professional players, the Super-Sonic Twin’s weight stretches to the limit the notion that combos are portable. But on the positive side all that hardware adds up to a tough, reliable package that should handle anything you might want to throw at it — definitely a case of ‘never mind the quality, feel the weight.’ We think the Burn channel could prove fiddly to dial in for some. However, the clean channel provides instant gratification with excellent vintage Fender tone.”

The review finishes with, “If you want the ultimate modern incarnation of the Twin Reverb, here it is.”

Get the issue here, or check out the online review here.


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