Guitarist Reviews Fender Mustang III

U.K. magazine Guitarist reviews the Fender Mustang III —  “Fender’s do-it-all 100-watt amp”  — in its May issue.

The review breaks down its design, control knobs, effects, presets, editing options via the Fender Fuse software application, sounds and even its rivals.

As their final verdict, the magazine writes, “The Mustang III won’t make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck like a mid-1960s Super Reverb, a tweed Deluxe or a Mesa Rectifier, but the more interesting observation is that precious few of us can actually exploit the ‘real’ thing, at ‘real’ volume in a ‘real’ environment in any case. The ‘real’ experience for many guitarists is jamming at home, rehearsals and occasional pub or bar performance. For that, and thanks to its good sounds, portability, healthy output section and frankly ridiculous value for money, the Mustang III is a no-brainer. It has pretty much every sound you can imagine and a whole load more that you can’t. At this price, it’s simply unbeatable.”

Get the issue here, or check out the online review here.

In related news, we’ve added several new metal presets for the Mustang from Megadeth’s Chris Broderick, Hatebreed’s Wayne Lozinak, In This Moment’s Blake Bunzel, Norma Jean’s Chris Day and Winds of Plague’s Nick Eash to Fender Fuse. Get yours now!


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