Guitarist Reviews Fender American Vintage Telecasters

Guitarist‘s Dave Burrluck gives a total breakdown of the Fender American Vintage ’69 Thinline Tele, ’72 Thinline Tele and ’72 Custom Telecaster guitars in the magazine’s September issue.

“Fender’s American Vintage series is the closest you can get to a vintage Fender guitar without buying the real thing from yesteryear,” notes Burrluck.

Burrluck then provides a complete comparison between each model, leaving no stone unturned.

“The more we play all three, it’s the classic old-style tonality, especially of the more unusual low-output humbucker-equipped guitars that impresses,” says Burrluck.

In conclusion, he writes:

“The best-yet production versions of three now-classic Teles with excellent vintage detail and sounds.”

Get your copy of Guitarist magazine here and read the review online here.

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