Guitarist Reviews Fender American Special P Bass & 60th Anniversary P Bass

By Pauline France

Guitarist magazine shares its thoughts on our recently launched Fender American Special Precision and 60th Anniversary Precision basses in its June issue, delving into detail on what these beauties have to offer.

The article describes how Fender has managed to thrive on instrument innovation while still preserving its classic feel and look.

“Fender’s design team is never short of a few ideas,” writes Guitarist.

The magazine expanded on the 60th anniversary model’s design as follows:

“When designing any anniversary model, the most obvious approach to use is to faithfully reproduce the original. Another possible route is to take the various improvements and tweaks made over the intervening years into consideration in order to produce an ageless hybrid. Fender has gone for the latter here and, on looks alone, it gets the seal of approval from all at Guitarist.”

Read the entire review of the 60th Anniversary Precision Bass at musicradar.com.

As for the American Special P Bass, Guitarist writes this:

As the latest incarnation in the ever-changing world of the Precision, the American Special quite rightly looks every bit like a regular P-Bass should. It presents a new slim profile, sophisticated model that oozes class and looks right at home in today’s bass market.”

As far as the sound, the Guitarist reviewer noted a subtle nuance in their model.

“Fully rolled off (anti- clockwise) there’s a clearer, funkier element than you’d normally associate with a P-Bass. At the other extreme (full treble) there’s a bright but solid delivery.”

Both models received the same verdict:

“These are both seriously good Precisions with the right feel, right looks and right sounds. The legend, upheld.”

Read the entire review of the American Special P Bass at musicradar.com.

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