Guitarist Reviews 60th Anniversary Tele, RW Player Series & more

In its May issue, Guitarist magazine shares the lowdown on several of our latest products: the 60th Anniversary Telecaster, the Road Worn Player Series and the new Squier Vintage Modified Series Jaguar HH and Jazzmaster.

Here’s a sampling of their sampling …

60th Anniversary Telecaster

“There’s plenty of snap and ring to this Tele’s acoustic sound and you’ll immediately recognize one of the most distinctive electric guitars ever.”

“Played right by the saddles there’s that piercing Albert Collin ‘ice pick’ sound that’s clean, but with a dirty edge.”

Read the full Guitarist online review at Music Radar.

Road Worn Player Stratocaster & Telecaster
“You’ll find those flatter fingerboards, bigger frets and worn-in necks really do improve playability.”

“Leading the charge with these is the faux-ageing (charming if not absolutely convincing) and the black plastics, but look deeper and you’ll find those flatter fingerboardsm bigger frets and worn-in necks really do improve playability considerably over strick vintage spec. And of course, Keith Richards fans simplay can’t ignore the Tele.”

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar HH and Vintage Modified Jazzmaster

Kurt Cobain played a ’65 sunburst Jag with Dimarzios, and that sums up the player Fender is trying to hook here. It’s basically a rock beast with retro charm and a bridge humbucker with enough wallop to satisfy most fuzz fiends. It cleans up well but then again, that’s not really a surprise.”

“In contrast the to the Jag’s brute strength, the JAzzmaster is tonally more versatile. Run it through a small tube amp (or similar modeled sound), crank up the volumen and you get that punchy clean tone heard on Tom Petty, The Smiths and R.E.M records.”

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