Guitar Player Reviews Machete Amp

Machete 50

Dave Hunter reviews Fender’s Machete 50 Head in the March issue of Guitar Player.

“The Machete did indeed rock with a fat, dynamic, tube-fueled goodness that finally brings this storied amp maker squarely into the 21st century,” he wrote. “If this makes Fender traditionalists want to read no further – perhaps turning away muttering, ‘too many damn knobs …’ — well hey, it’s only two independent channels of five controls each plus a dedicated Notch control, with a shared Reverb knob for the digital unit, and a Resonance switch for cab response. You can handle it.”

Hunter then breaks down what to expect from each Channel, noting that the amp’s clean Channel One “winds into some thick, juicy crunch with its footswitchable Boost engaged.” However, it was the “smokin’ hot surprise behind door number two” and its high-gain territory that most impressed Hunter.

Head here to read the Guitar Player review in its entirety.


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