Guitar Player Interviews Buddy Guy

Legendary blues veteran and Fender signature artist Buddy Guy was interviewed by Guitar Player magazine for their August edition.

The music icon talks about his famous signature polka dot Stratocaster and the beloved ’57 Strat he used on the majority of his latest record, Living Proof.

“That vintage Strat delivers such a tone, man,” he tells Guitar Player. “I played it on about 80 percent of Living Proof. I’m not married. The only wife I’ve got here in my bedroom now is that ’57 Stratocaster. ‘Just tell me how much you want for it,’ is what Eric Clapton tells me every time he sees it. I tell him, ‘I want you to leave me alone.’”

As far as his new record goes, Guy is playing as ferociously as ever, evidenced on Living Proof‘s opening track, “74 Years Young.”

“When you start rolling tape on me and I get a chance to do what I did on ’74 Years Young,’ I’m thinking like a racehorse,” he tells Guitar Player. “I can’t wait till you let me come in that gate. So, when the record begins — just like the opening gate on the racetrack —saying to myself, ‘I’m going to bust out of that gate like I’ve never busted out before!’”

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