Guitar Connoisseur Chats with Custom Shop’s Dale Wilson


Dale Wilson

Online guitar magazine Guitar Connoisseur caught up with Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Dale Wilson for their spring 2014 edition.  In the Q&A, Wilson discussed his guitar heroes, latest projects and some of his all-time favorite custom builds.

“I always strive to make each guitar better than the last, even in the most rudimentary tasks,” said Wilson. “One of my favorites is the Benzietan Telecaster–hand painted by Frank Germano. I think that guitar has a classiness to it. The ’52 Telecaster with the Bigsby B16 tremolo, too. I tried to show how even though Fender guitars age, they maintain their beauty.

“I think there’s a lot of charm and beauty in the guitars of the ’50s and ’60s — sometimes the more worn they are the better. I have many favorites, though. A lot of times, a customer’s dream guitar will become a favorite guitar of mine. Working on artist guitars and customer guitars have really been the highlights of my career so far.”

Click here and head to page 28 for the complete interview.


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