Guitar Buyer's Biffy Clyro Spread Mentions Signature Squier Models


The April issue of U.K.’s Guitar Buyer magazine features a terrific spread on Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro.

The article covers the rock scene in Scotland, the recording of the band’s latest album Only Revolutions, Simon Neil’s fascination with his Fender Custom Shop Time Machine ‘60s Strat and the new Biffy Clyro Squier signature models (available in Europe).

Of the ‘60s Strat, which he never leaves home without, Neil told Guitar Buyer, “It’s just a stock setup, but originally we were going to take all my knobs off because that’s what I used to do. I also used to take the neck pickup out because for a while there I was only using the very back pickup, so I thought, what’s the point in having the others? But then I realized at certain times you may actually need them.”

Neil also discussed his signature Squier Stratocaster and bandmate James Johnston’s signature Squier Jazz Bass.

“They had mentioned it a few years ago but we were kind of thinking that you have to be a big band to have signature guitars, and I don’t think we ever envisioned ourselves at the point of having signature guitars,” Neil said to Guitar Buyer. “But basically Fender came in and said that they want to put it out and asked us what we wanted. Actually, they’ve been really, really supportive over the years. They were the first people to give us a free guitar and a free amp, and we’ve always been thankful for that because it was when we really couldn’t afford gear and it really helped us out.”

Neil went on to say that he and Johnston’s primary goal for their Squier by Fender artist models was that they were affordable for beginners. According to the Scottish rocker, Squier accomplished that task and then some.

“For around £300 my signature model really stands up to my Relics, which are, I guess, a few grand, and I couldn’t believe that they made special pickups to make them like the pickups in my Relics,” he said. “I think everyone who’s tried the guitar out or tested it has been pleasantly surprised. I didn’t have it in time for the record but I do use it for playing live. We have quite a few different tunings live, and to be honest it’s sounding better than my Relics at the moment! I think that those things are just totally gigged out – they have just been hit too hard for far too long.”

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