Grouplove Rides Out The Storm At Coachella

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The expected rain had held off for most of Friday afternoon at Coachella, but just as Los Angeles-based indie rockers Grouplove took the Mojave stage, blustery winds dominated the Indio, Calif., fairgrounds.

What made matters even more dramatic —more than frontman Christian Zucconi’s long green hair blowing everywhere — was the potted reeds that lined the front edge of the stage.

They didn’t have a chance against the strong winds, but Grouplove’s energetic set made sure the packed tent stayed put despite the elements.

An opener of the joyous “Lovely Cup” followed by fan-favorite “Itchin’ on a Photograph”  set the crowd ablaze from the start.

Throughout the show, Zucconi tackled the lead singing duties on most songs, but keyboardist Hannah Cooper has a spotlight or two (notably the infectious “Love Will Save Your Soul”).

In addition, guitarist Andrew Weissen and hirsuite bassist Sean Gadd took turns on the mic with “Spun” and “Chloe,” respectively.

All of those tunes came off Grouplove’s fun 2011 release Never Trust a Happy Song.

Still, two standout moments came with the epic “Gold Coast” from their self-titled EP and a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” that had everybody jamming to the late pop diva’s anthem.

A lot of people have heard “Tounge Tied” and “Colours” from their appearances on a few television commercials. But to see the amount of viewers singing along and bouncing to the rest of Grouplove’s songs — not to mention one from Whit -—showed that a follow-up album can’t come soon enough.


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