Go Behind the Scenes of the Used’s New Album

By Jimmy Smith

The Ocean of the Sky, a five-track EP of intoxicating self-proclaimed “gross-pop,” has the Used stretching themselves to new heights. Released in July of this year, the album highlights the band’s newfound creativity and experimental freedom. With songs like the 20-minute brain melting outro, Tethys, or the ultra rambunctious and catchy Iddy Biddy, the Used are as strong as ever.

Rather than quietly disbanding and fading into hiatus like many “emo era” bands of the early 2000s, the genre juggling quartet have found new ways to exhibit their depth and longevity.

Through a visually stunning and well-made short film, you can follow stalwart frontman Bert McCracken documenting the band’s history and the recording process for their latest release.

The video also highlights McCracken’s repulsion for “manipulated” mainstream music molded together for radio listeners, as well as his undying respect for Nirvana.

“Who wasn’t honestly inspired by the sound of In Utero?” he said.  “It changed how music is interpreted, by the fans especially. Insecticide is the record that taught me harmonies. Bleach is the record that taught me to play guitar. Nevermind is the record that taught me how to write a chorus.“

Watch the feature below and visit the Used’s official Facebook page for more information.


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