Givers Bounce Into The Evening At Coachella

The time was just right for Louisiana indie-pop band Givers to take the Mojave stage Friday afternoon.

The neighboring electronica-oriented Sahara stage had just wrapped up a set, and Givers’ bouncy, percussion-heavy tunes were perfect for the day-glow dancers looking for their next place to party.

And party they did.

Led by the vocalist/guitarist Taylor Guarisco and vocalist/percussionist/ukulele-weilding Tiffany Lamson, Givers’ sound is tinged with a world music quality that has polyrhythms that would make Vampire Weekend proud.

By the time Guarisco picked up a Telecaster for a more wired sound – trading out his electric/acoustic – the band was ready to break out the fan-favorite “Meantime,” which induced an undulating sea of bodies hopping up and down.

The crowd rarely stopped all show, drawing on Guarisco’s energy as he flailed all over the stage.

Lamson did her part by bringing out a tambourine, xylophone and bells, choosing times to wail on her drum kit to add another level to the beat.

Givers ended their set with “Up, Up, Up,” which has been heard on television in a few places – probably the perfect end for an audience ready to jump with the band.


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