Girl in a Coma Continue to Blaze Trails

Mexican-American punk-rock might sound like an interesting genre of music, and when an all-female trio is thrown into the mix, things get even more intriguing.

The San Antonio-based Girl in a Coma has made a career out of such a niche.

Having played together for 10 years, Nina and Phanie Diaz and Jennifer Alva have recently released their fourth album, Exits & All the Rest, via Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records.

The band embraces each of the pools in which they have toes planted.

“We’re females. We’re trying to prove to everybody that, you know, we can rock, too,” Ā Alva recently told CNN’s In America blog. “We’re Latinas, we’re representing our culture. Two-thirds gay. We have a lot on our plate. We’re trying to do a good job of representing all three.”

In December, Girl in a Coma has several shows planned to celebrate their latest album throughout the Southwest.

For tour dates and more information, visit Girl in a Coma’s official website.


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