Get The Bon Iver Workout… Seriously

Bon Iver might not be muscle-bound musicians, but the band has been doing its share of weight-lifting lately.

Lead man Justin Vernon and his bandmates have recently taken up with trainer Jeff Rogers, who met the guys while playing basketball at a Wisconsin YMCA.

How do we know this?

Rogers is releasing a video chronicling the regimen Bon Iver undertakes while on the road, basically turning the backstage area into a personal gym.

Vernon said the training has benefitted the band both physically and musically.

“We kept up with it, and it was amazing how much more energy people had, and it would help my voice, it would help everything,” Vernon said. “It was really good, and fun, actually.”

Bon Iver might have some heavy lifting to do soon, as the band was recently nominated for four Grammy Awards.

Watch Bon Iver get physical down below in this trailer:


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