Get a Drink & a Tattoo on the Kissaway Trail


The Kissaway Trail could be racking up an extensive bar tab this SXSW festival. The five-piece from Odense, Denmark has promised to pay for a drink and the tattoo for anyone who rips out the photo of an effects pedal on page nine of the FILTER Good Music Guide and then finds them in Austin.

“Thomas (Fagerlund) and I drew this picture of a reverb pedal for the magazine because it’s our favorite, and the most important thing in our sound,” said guitarist Daniel Skjoldmose. “So we’ll probably buy them a drink and the tattoo for people who want to get one of the reverb pedal.”

So far this afternoon only one person had taken them up on the offer but the more, the merrier––despite the potential bar tab.

“We don’t have any money, so let’s just spend some more,” said singer/guitarist Soren B. Corneliussen.

“Yeah, we don’t care how much it is,” added Fagerlund, who happens to sport a tattoo of a Fender guitar in the middle of his chest because “it deserved a place on his body.”

But as it so happened, the Danish band had people buying them drinks. Midway through an interview with Fender, a young lady brought them a round of beers as a thank you for putting on a great show.

Today’s performance at Filter’s Showdown at Cedar Street was the first of several SXSW shows for the Kissaway Trail.

“It’s fun,” said Skjoldmose. “We love to play our music so we are looking forward to the week. It’s really exciting.”

The Kissaway Trail will release Sleep Mountain in April so pick it up and be sure to give a listen to “Painter;” Fagerlund’s inspiration on the song came from hearing a blackbird.

“It just inspired something in me when I heard it (demonstrates chirping sound),” he said.

The band plans to catch up with another one of their inspirations this weekend in Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore who is scheduled to play Friday night at Red 7.

For those of you who miss the Kissaway Trail during SXSW, look for them on the road this spring with Temper Trap. Also, here’s a short video clip below. Please excuse the shoddy camera work. I recommend closing your eyes and just listening. :)


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