Fun. Re-Open Rainy Lollapalooza After Delay

After a nearly two-hour long break at Lollapalooza due to the severe weather that passed over Chicago’s Grant Park Saturday, things could have been spoiled for the thousands of displaced festival-goers.

So perhaps it was fitting that the New York City’s Fun was one of the first bands to welcome the crowd back.

In heavy anticipation, vuvuzuelas bleated, giant balloons bounced and “We want Fun!” chants came from every corner.

Walking out on the tree-lined Google Play Stage, the huge audience was hungry to sing along with Fun’s many hits, including the ubiquitous “We Are Young” from 2012′s Some Nights.

They got to that one eventually, butĀ the song that has been covered in Glee and featured in several commercials wasn’t even the closer.

That honor went to the equally-infectious “Some Nights,” which has a refrain of “Whoa-oh, whoa-oh-ooooh-oh, whoa-oh-ooooh-oh, oh-oh!” just as catchy at “Weeee arrre young!”

With a tight backing band, frontman Nate Reuss commands the stage like a seasoned veteran.

The former Format singer came out to wild cheers from a group that was an amalgam of dreamy-eyed teenage girls, college-aged hipsters and parents toting along their young children.

Truly music for the masses.

Reuss didn’t let the delayed start time affect his performance, as he cheekily declared, “I love a rainy day, but this is the perfect situation. It’s a rainy day, and there’s a festival in Chicago!”

Later, Reuss’ voice soared as he sang “Carry On,” another one from Nights, and it had to because he was getting every word sung back in his face in unison by those in attendance.

The slick guitar work by Jack Antonoff adds a Queen-vibe to the tune, as well.

Of course, as the show came to an end, there were two songs that simply needed to be played.

Fun delivered “We Are Young” and “Carry On” to the delight of everyone holding their hands up to the freshly rain-free sky.

It was fun, indeed.


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