Fred Armisen Joins the Flaming Lips?!

Over the weekend, news dropped that the Flaming Lips were releasing a companion to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon titled Flaming Side of the Moon.

According to a press release, listeners were encouraged to play the albums simultaneously, which sounded almost too good and insane to be true.

While the Lips’ new offering is a real album that does synch with Dark Side, it was also a way to get in on April Fools shenanigans.  On April 1, the comedy mavens at Funny or Die revealed that they produced the album, in addition to several other happenings in the world of the Flaming Lips, ranging from a collaboration with blockbuster action director Michael Bay to the inclusion of former Saturday Night Live cast member Fred Armisen in the band.

To prove that the recording session did really happen, Funny or Die released a 43-minute video from the studio that you can watch below.  And on this day of laughter, it would be a crime to miss Armisen’s attempt to get the Flaming Lips to play different styles of music, like Krautrock, Rockabilly and Bossa Nova.


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