Foo Fighters Play Secret Show; Surviving Nirvana Members Reunite Onstage

The band tipped off their Facebook and Twitter fans with this photo and caption, “Hmmmm……what could we possibly be rehearsing for????” The band also gave away tickets via Facebook.

Last Tuesday night, the Foo Fighters celebrated finishing up their seventh album (due out in spring 2011) with a surprise show at Paladino’s in Tarzana, Cali. The impromptu appearance included an encore “Marigold” performance by Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl and his former Nirvana bandmates, bassist Krist Novoselic and guitarist Pat Smear. It was the first time the threesome had reunited on stage since 1997.

Novoselic also collaborated with Grohl on the Foo Fighter’s upcoming Butch Vig produced-album, playing accordion and bass on track “I Should Have Known.”

Grohl recently discussed the untitled new effort — although he said during the Paladino show that he might title it after one of its songs “Back + Forth” — with Rolling Stone magazine.

“I had the same feeling listening back to this album that I did two decades ago listening to a Nirvana song like ‘Lounge Act,’” said Grohl of the album, which was recorded in his garage studio. “It’s even got the same snare sound as Nevermind,” Grohl adds. “Butch is good at that.”

Grohl also told RS that the album is a heavier effort.

“When I was writing the riffs for this record, they were getting heavier and heavier,” he says. “There’s something about getting older and taking a right on fuckin’ Discharge Avenue rather than turning left on Tom Petty Lane.”


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