Flowers Brings Back Old Friends


Less than one year ago, Killers frontman Brandon Flowers held his first solo show after stepping out to release Flamingo.

But even though Friday night’s set at Coachella demonstrated that he could carry a concert without his famous Las Vegas friends and bandmates, Flowers isn’t forgetting his past.

After a joyous, anthem-filled night of his solo songs, Flowers told the audience – which was the biggest of the day at the secondary “Outdoor Theatre” – that he met some familiar faces on the way to Indio, Calif.

Out walked Killers guitarist Dave Keuning and bassist Mark Stoermer… and the crowd exploded.  So much so that festival goers from other events were sprinting back to see the reunion.  So much so that a teenage girl was bawling during the experience.

Flowers and Co. ripped through “Read My Mind” and “Mr. Brightside” as if they’ve never missed a beat.  Truly a special moment.

Don’t count Flowers out as a solo artist, though.

There were several occasions when his call-and-responses were perfectly answered by the audience.  He worked the stage and mic like someone who had been doing it for years.  After all, he has.

One could hear how The Killers’ best anthems told stories, because Flowers did too.

There’s a reason Brandon Flowers was voted one of “The 25 Best Fall Tours’/”Must-See Fall Tours” this year.

His buddies just helped make this night even more special.


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