First-Ever Official Fender Amp and Effects Software

First-Ever Official Fender Amp and Effects Software
IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube® Fender brings great Fender amp sounds to your desktop


How’d you like to boot up your computer and instantly have decades of famous Fender sounds at your fingertips? How’d you like to be a mere mouse click away from the quintessential sparkle of a ’65 Twin Reverb®, the seismic roar of a Bassman® 300 PRO through an 8×10 PRO series cab, the oceanic ambience of a vintage ’63 Fender Reverb unit or the modern versatility of a 1×12 Super-Sonic™ combo?

Many highly sought-after classic and modern Fender amps and effects are now officially available for the first time in digital form with the February 2009 debut of the “AmpliTube® Fender” package from Italian music software company IK Multimedia.

Digital amp and effects modeling has been all the rage for years, but AmpliTube® Fender is the first-ever software suite of guitar amp, bass amp and effects sounds produced with Fender’s official approval and cooperation. The result of years of intensive research and close collaboration between both companies, AmpliTube® Fender puts 45 pieces of meticulously recreated past and present Fender gear on your desktop. As such, the sounds are as authentic and accurate as it gets.

“Fender amplifiers are the standard by which great amp tones are measured,” said Shane Nicholas, Fender marketing manager for guitar amps. “We’re proud to give digital recording enthusiasts the opportunity to discover many of the best Fender tones, old and new, with the convenience of PC recording. From the legendary Tweed Deluxe™ to the modern high-gain Super-Sonic™, this is the real-deal palette of tones you need to make great music in the digital domain.”

The gear rundown is impressive: the dozen amp/enclosure combinations include a ’59 Bassman LTD with 4×10 cabinet, ’65 Twin Reverb® with 2×12 cabinet, ’57 Deluxe™ with 1×12 cabinet, ’65 Deluxe Reverb® with 1×12 cabinet, ’64 Vibroverb™ Custom with 1×15 cabinet, Super-Sonic™ with 1×12 cabinet, Vibro-King® with 3×10 cabinet, Pro Junior™ with 1×10 cabinet, MH-500 Metalhead™ with MH-412SL 4×12 cabinet, Champion™ 600 with 1×6 cabinet, Vibratone 1×10 rotary speaker cabinet and Bassman 300 PRO with 810 PRO 8×10 cabinet. Also included is Fender’s TBP-1 tube bass preamp. Amps and cabinets can be mixed and matched as desired.

Effects include six classic Fender “stomp box” models (Fender Blender™ octave/fuzz, ’63 Fender Reverb unit, phaser, fuzz/wah, volume pedal and tape echo unit) and six modern rack models from the Cyber-Twin® series (pitch shift, tape echo, sine chorus, triangle flanger, wah and compressor). Also included are two Groove Tubes® microphone models, the MD1b-FET and VELO-8.

AmpliTube® Fender is designed to run as standalone and plug-in software on most popular redording platforms and formats. Other features include a digital tuner and IK Multimedia’s SpeedTrainer™ and Riffworks™ T4 recording software. The software can be controlled with IK Multimedia’s StompIO and StealthPedal™ interfaces, or any traditional MIDI controller. Hundreds of presets are included, with more that can be downloaded from AmpliTube’s online preset XChange area. Further, the software can be expanded with additional “Powered by AmpliTube®” models using AmpliTube® X-Gear.

Two versions of the software are available. AmpliTube® Fender offers 12 amps, 12 cabinets, six stomp box effects, six rack effects and nine microphones, with Riffworks™ T4 and AmpliTube® X-Gear. AmpliTube® Fender Studio costs half as much and offers a StealthPlug USB audio cable interface and AmpliTube® Fender LE, which consists of four amps, five cabinets, two stomp box effects, two rack effects and two microphones, plus Riffworks™ T4 for guitar recording and AmpliTube® X-Gear.

Learn more about AmpliTube® Fender online at www.amplitube.com/fender.




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