FILTER Goes Sideways with Broken Social Scene

Filter's 40th Issue Cover

In celebration of their 40th issue, FILTER has gone horizontal. The magazine, featuring Broken Social Scene on the landscape cover, comes complete with full-page anniversary collages of eclectic FILTER shenanigans through the years, cover photos that almost were and every review score ever printed.

And of course, a detailed 10-page spread on the men and women behind Broken Social Scene and their newest album masterpiece, Forgiveness.

“The first BSS record to be recorded outside the purview of producer Dave Newfeld, Forgiveness at once sounds exactly like BSS and nothing like BSS,” writes Cord Jefferson. “The guitar assault remains, as do slow builds toward dong arcs you had no way of predicting six minutes earlier. What’s new is the way it’s all put together. Consider the difference between a Picasso and a Pollack—while both are abstract, nobody would ever mistake one for the other.”

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