Fender Introduces New Hot Rod III Amps

Fender Introduces New Hot Rod III Amps

The new Hot Rod III amps (clockwise from top left): Hot Rod DeVille 410 III, Hot Rod DeVille 212 III,Blues Junior III, Pro Junior III and Hot Rod Deluxe 112.

Fender introduces the next generation of its popular Hot Rod series tube amps in the retooled-and-refueled form of the five new Hot Rod III guitar amplifiers.

The new amps are the Hot Rod DeVille™ 410 III and Hot Rod DeVille 212 III, Hot Rod Deluxe™ 112 III, Blues Junior™ III and Pro Junior™ III. Affordable, reliable and loud, they deliver unmistakable Fender tone and provide a perfect platform for musicians to craft their own signature sound.

Fender designers considered every feature of the existing Hot Rod series (launched in 1996) from top to bottom and listened to player feedback. In creating the Hot Rod III amps, they didn’t turn the Hot Rod series into something completely different; they just made great amps even better with performance and cosmetic upgrades.

The 60-watt Hot Rod DeVille 212 III (2×12”) and the 40-watt Hot Rod Deluxe III (1×12”) feature Celestion® G12P-80 12” speakers that tighten bass response and offer harmonically enhanced character when pushing hard in the Drive channel. The 60-watt Hot Rod DeVille 410 III has four Eminence®/Fender Special Design speakers. The Hot Rod Deluxe III feature an improved modified tone circuit that gives tighter overdrive voice and midrange punch. All three amps have new black non-reflective control panels make onstage adjustments easier, with graduated volume and tone potentiometers that offer smoother, more refined and predictable linear sweep. Further, their pedalboard-friendly footswitch design is sleek, tough and stage-ready.

The 15-watt Blues Junior III has a single 12” Fender Special Design “lightning bolt” speaker that is balanced across the entire frequency range, offering rich and complex harmonic response. It has a new “sparkle” circuit modification that produces crystalline Fender clean tones, with rattle-reducing shock absorbers that keep its EL84 tubes road-worthy and quiet. Stylish touches include heavy-duty set-screw “chicken head” knobs, a classic Fender “dog bone” handle and a vintage-style Fender jewel light. It too features a new black non-reflective control panel for easier onstage adjustments.

The 15-watt 1×10” Pro Junior III has improved shielding and wire dressing to reduce hum and buzz. It too has rattle-reducing shock absorbers for its tubes, heavy-duty set-screw “chicken head” knobs, “dog bone” handle, vintage-style jewel light and black non-reflective control panel.


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