Fender Displays Strat Plus at NAMM’s Idea Center

Allen Abbassi shows members of the media the Stratocaster Plus and the 60th Anniversaty 1954 American Vintage Strat.

Fender’s own amp manager Rick Heins and electric guitar product specialist Allen Abbassi were on hand at NAMM’s Idea Center on Wednesday to talk about the new Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Plus.

The Stratocaster Plus, which was displayed to the media in the frosty Mystic Ice Blue, wowed several observers with its ability to change the way it plays by swapping analog personality cards. Each card in the pack that comes with the guitar is geared toward different modifications, like cutting the treble or bass, or blending the pickups. It actually makes for three Strats in one by easily switching out the cards.

In addition, Abbassi showed off the 60th Anniversary 1954 American Vintage Stratocaster, which will only be available in 1,954 units.

Throughout NAMM, Fender is celebrating the past and present of the iconic Stratocaster. But Fender’s showing at the Idea Center certainly kept an eye on the Strat’s future, as well.


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