Fender Concert Series

Fender Concert Series 

What was your first, best, worst or just overall most memorable ever concert? Were you so young that mom or dad had to chaperone, or was it a cross-country road trip with a group of friends to catch the band that you just couldn’t go without? Were you out in the lawn seats sprawled out, or fighting for elbow room front row, center stage? If you were up close and personal, exactly what did you have to go through to get those tickets? Even better, did you somehow score backstage passes or scam your way past security? Was there a song you most anticipated hearing, and did you get your wish or leave in disappointment?  Was it the company, the venue, the costume changes, the sound system, the guitar shredding, drum pounding or spectacular vocals that most stand out in your memory?

As part of our Fender Concert Series, we’d like to invite our Fender fans to share with us some of their concert recollections.

Please email your contributions, along with your name, city and state, to share@fender.com. Throughout the summer we’ll pick a few to feature on Fender.com.  Any contribution that you submit is subject to the Fender Terms of Use and Fender Privacy Policy, as well as the following Fender Concert Series Terms, which grant to Fender a right and license to use your contribution, and otherwise affect your rights and remedies, so please read them carefully! 

And again, that email address to send your contributions to is share@fender.com


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