Fender Concert Series: Will Audley from Australia

Fender Concert Series: Will Audley from Australia

Fender Concert Series In our Fender Concert Series, we feature various concert memories from our Fender News readers. Find out what Will Audley of Australia had to say about his best-ever concert…

For years I had been a big fan of Eric Johnson and so when I found out he was coming to Brisbane, Australia I was ecstatic!  I had been to an in-store earlier that day, May 27, 2001, and turned up for the show early and positioned myself right at the front of the stage.

Eric’s support was Will Ray and Jerry Donohue of the Hellecasters so I was in heaven even before Eric made it to the stage. Finally, the man himself appeared and launched into an amazing set, playing a fantastic Sunburst ’57 Stratocaster.

There was a problem however. I had positioned myself right in front of Eric’s amps and despite the fact I was wearing earplugs, it was really loud!!!

So I stood, fingers over my earplugs, watching and singing along. During one song Eric turned to me and mouthed, “Is it too loud?”

Normally, you would politely say, “No, I’m fine,” but as I was so shocked that Eric Johnson was talking to me I simply said, “Yes!” He continued playing and walked over to his tech at the side of the stage and said something to him. The tech then went and shifted Eric’s amps and cabinets!!

The evening was one of amazing music which I still have very fond memories (Eric was really pushing the envelope), but that simple act of compassion for a fan is what I will always remember about that night.


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