Fender Concert Series: Anthony Crosby

Fender Concert Series: Anthony Crosby  

The Fender Concert Series features concert memories from our Fender News readers. Read what Anthony Crosby of Bemont, N.C. shared about his best-ever concert…

Well this is actually an easy one.

I think the most memorable concert for me was an Aerosmith show in Greensboro, N.C. I was a senior in high school, getting ready to ship off to the Marines. My dad and I never spent a lot of time together growing up; he was busy with work all the time. But this one day he came home from work early and asked me, “You wanna go do something fun with me?” I actually was a bit hesitant at that time. I’ve always enjoyed music––even had a Strat at the house––just never got really big into it. Well to make it short, we made the two-hour drive to Greensboro and my first concert at 17 years old was Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Aerosmith, a memory with my father I’ll never forget. We’ve made concerts a quality-time event ever since.

Since Aerosmith is perhaps my dad’s favorite band, I thought I should also share my favorite band with him. So years later, I returned the favor and bought tickets for a Metallica show!

Anthony Crosby
Bemont, N.C.

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