Fender CD-60, Fender Sonoran Among MusicRadar‘s 25 Best Budget Acoustic Guitars List

Fender Sonoran
Fender Sonoran


Two Fender acoustic models – the Fender CD-60 and Fender Sonoran – made the cut on MusicRadar’s list of 25 best budget acoustic guitars in the world.

The website praises the Sonoran’s versatility saying it’s suitable for electric guitarists seeking to transition to acoustic guitars.

The Fender CD-60 got high marks as well, ranking at position number nine.

“It’s guitars like this – playable, pretty (it’s available in a bunch of finishes, and there’s even an all-mahogany version on the market now) and great fun to play – that are the foundation of life-long love affairs with the instrument,” said Music Radar.

Check out the entire list here.


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