Eric Clapton Twinolux Gets High Praise From Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar’s January issue explores the ins and outs of one of Eric Clapton’s signature amps, the distinctive EC Twinolux.

“What’s remarkable about the EC Twinolux is how, like so many great Fender amps, it can be a beautiful blank slate for anything,” writes Premier Guitar of the amp’s versatility.

Mr. Slowhand’s signature amp got bonus points for its classy, good-looking design.

“Physically, the Twinolux is a thing of beauty,” notes PG. “The finger-jointed pine and lacquered-tweed cabinet is the embodiment of Fender minimalist elegance. And it makes the ugliest guitar look about 50 times cooler when parked against the Twinolux.”

Read Premier Guitar’s final verdict here.

And to hear the new Eric Clapton amps in action, check out this video with Buddy Guy.


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