Eddie Murphy Opens Up About Music Career

Eddie Murphy is certainly an acclaimed actor and comedian, but the Saturday Night Live alumnus has a new album coming out Feb. 9, a date we suspect was picked due to the album title, 9.

It will actually be Murphy’s third album of musical offerings, a career that began with 1985′s How Could It Be, which hit No. 26 on the Billboard 200.  Murphy recently sat down with that publication to talk about his history in the music game, revealing that his passion for playing guitar runs quite deep.

“I do music all the time,” Murphy told Billboard. “Just when I’m around the house, I have my guitar and stuff with me all the time. I don’t do jokes all the time. [laughs] It’s like one thing is constant, and the other is something I make money doing. I’m not shitting on comedy. I love to make people laugh. But even if I was dead broke, I would play my guitar, but I would not be writing jokes.”

For a taste of Murphy’s new tunes, check out the video below for “Red Light” featuring Snoop Dogg and visit his official Facebook page for more information.


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