Drop Dead, Gorgeous Stop By


Drop Dead, Gorgeous vocalist Danny Stillman, bassist Jake Hansen and guitarist Jacob Belcher dropped by Fender headquarters today in Scottsdale, Ariz.

They guys were a bit sluggish after driving through the night from Denver to Arizona for tonight’s 2009 Atticus Tour kickoff show at The Clubhouse in Tempe, Ariz.

“At one point, I kind of leaned back and dosed off for just a second,” Belcher confesses.

“Well, I almost drove into a horse last night,” says Hansen of his turn at the wheel. “I was driving through the Indian reservation and there was this horse wandering the street at night.”

The five-week tour also features co-headliners Bless the Fall and Finch, as well as Vanna, Of Mice and Men and Let’s Get It.

“We were off for two months and it was good to be home and see family and friends, but now we’re looking forward to this tour,” says Stillman. “We’ve known Bless the Fall for a really long time, but we’ve only done like 10 shows with them. So it’ll be cool to hang out with them and then also get to know these other bands.”

Drop Dead, Gorgeous will be playing tunes from their summer released Hot N’ Heavy. Although they tell me the album is in fact “hot and heavy,” it actually got its name from Seinfeld.

“There’s this episode where Elaine is dating this saxophone player and Jerry tells the band that the saxophonist and Elaine are ‘hot and heavy,’” says Stillman. “She ends up getting pissed off because she’s lost face in the relationship. Typical Seinfeld episode.”

The screamo/metal/hardcore band worked with producer Matt Goldman (Underoath, Copeland) on the album.

“It’s a mixture between our first album In Vogue and Worse than a Fairytale, but I think it showed a lot of growth; we worked really hard on it,” says Stillman. “Matt had a pretty relaxed environment, which allowed us to be really artistic. He really let us be ourselves, and I think it turned out as our best record so far.”

Following the conclusion of the tour, the band plans to begin work on their next album.

Here’s a shot of Belcher trying out a Fender Road Worn™ Telecaster®.


And after a tasty lunch at Malee’s on Main in Old Town Scottsdale, here’s Belcher, Hansen and Stillman standing in front of the van/trailer that will be their home for the next month (as long as they don’t run into any more horses).


For those of you wondering…the rest of the band was back at the hotel taking naps.


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