Dinosaur Jr. Posts Star-Studded New Video

Dinosaur Jr.’s recent album I Bet on Sky perfectly captures the Amherst stalwarts’ thunderous, fuzz-tinged sound, and their latest video demonstrates just how far someone will go to experience their music.

Recruiting the likes of Henry Rollins, comedian Maria Bamford and James Urbaniak (HomelandAmerican Splendor), the clip for “Pierce the Morning Rain” shows Urbaniak’s obsession with outfitting his SUV with booming speakers that make it so loud, he drifts off into a happy place.

Of course, Rollins is waiting in that dream-like state to punch him in the face with the force of J. Mascis’ Jazzmaster in front of a wall of amps.

Watch the scene unfold in the video below and visit Dinosaur Jr.’s official website for more information.

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