Dinosaur Jr. Delivers Classic Noise-Pop At Bar 96

Dinosaur Jr. Delivers Classic Noise-Pop At Bar 96

March 17, 2012
By Mike Duffy


There are a lot of things that can be said about a Dinosaur Jr. set, but the one word that typically remains is “loud.”

When J. Mascis and Co. performed at Bar 96 Friday night at the Fender presents Filter Magazine Culture Collide during the South by Southwest music festival, Dino Jr. raised loud to a new level.

Mascis was surrounded by three stacks of amplifiers, through which he shredded his Fender Jazzmaster to the bitter end.

The result was a classic Dinosaur Jr. show that left a capacity crowd wanting more by the end of the night. With the line wrapped around the corner for the entire set, some fans wisened up and realized they could well catch (and hear) the action by peering over the fence.

To start, there were problems with bassist Lou Barlow’s microphone, but obviously, that wasn’t the star.

Regarding the actual show itself, the crowd wanted guitar, and Barlow, Mascis and drummer Murph recovered quickly to turn in a powerful performance.

As Barlow said about four songs in, “The last time we played a show, we were on a boat (referring to the Weezer cruise),” but perhaps that booking left the band hungry to perform newer tunes.

For these land-lubbers, Dino Jr., as a whole kept the party going with a steady mix of punk-based tracks with poppy influences and Mascis’ droning vocals cutting through the fuzz.

Highlights included Dino Jr.’s biggest mainstream hit, “Feel The Pain,” which inspired a mosh pit in front of the stage, “Pond Song” and an encore cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.”

And of course, there is the noise.

Throughout the entire show, the grey-maned Mascis stood in front of those amps and unleashed an assault on the willing audience.

By the time things ended around 2 a.m., there wasn’t much else to say, because Dino Jr. had rocked so hard.

Eardrums be damned, alternative heroes Dinosaur Jr. is as strong as ever.

And with a new album currently in the works, they must be here to stay.



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