Delta Spirit Finish Set Prior to Evacuation

Just before Chicago’s Grant Park was evacuated due to a severe storm warning, promptly driving thousands of Lollapalooza festival goers out onto the streets, Delta Spirit finished their electric stand at the Bud Light stage with a splash.

Up until the threat of inclement weather became too great a risk, it had actually been another hot and humid day at Lolla – one of those days where you’re sweating standing still.

So as a general courtesy, Lollapalooza staffers brought out buckets of water to place in front of the barricades in front of the stage, presumably for security to spritz fans for some heat relief.

Not so.

Instead, the buckets sat there as Delta Spirit ran through an hour’s worth of songs, bringing out a few classics while making sure to draw heavily from their 2012 self-titled release.

Recent tracks like “Idaho” and “Tear It Up” highlighted the first half of the show, along with the moment frontman Matt Vazquez called out his 18-year-old cousin from California who was on a date during the festival. According to Vazquez, her mom was serving as the chaperone.

Vazquez then asked the crowd if they had enough energy for a second set. There was no doubt as the band launched into Delta Spirit‘s opening single, “California,” and “People Come On” from 2008′s Ode to Sunshine.

Vazquez shone when channeling his inner Bob Dylan for “Children,” a plaintive ode to the innocence of childhood. Vazquez came in with a harmonica, soulfully singing the first verse.

“Children shut your eyes,
we’ll tell you what to see,
this world is burnin’ down,
and you’re the ones to lead.”

Delta Spirit might have saved their best for last as Vazquez sat behind a piano and banged out the first chords of the high-energy “Bushwick Blues.”

As that bayou stomper came to an end, Vazquez jumped down off the stage – evoking Ozzie Osbourne’s hug of the sign language translator from Black Sabbath’s stint Friday night – and grabbed one of the idle water buckets.

Most had probably forgotten about them, but obviously there was some scheming going on, as security helped support Vazquez as he doused the first five rows five or six times.

This was obviously a band that would not be beaten by the heat, an important note on a day when the festival was interrupted by rain.


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