Delta Spirit Debuts New Track

Delta Spirit From Now OnDelta Spirit has a new album called Into the Wide coming out Sept. 9, but one of their fresh tracks is already available to stream.

Although frontman Matt Vasquez considers the album to be a melancholy offering, ”From Now On” is one of the record’s sunnier selections. According to Vasquez, the dark side of Into the Wide stems from the Brooklyn studio in which it was made was written. Unfortunately, the space was completely destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and subsequently rebuilt.

“We worked for two and a half years, living in an urban environment and learning how to be the new kids in town. It’s been really fun and inspiring. The songwriting grew out of that,” Vasquez said in an interview with Esquire

Vasquez also further explained the background of “From Now On.”

“It’s one of those things where the energy of the song started in a demo and started a lot like My Bloody Valentine,” he said.  ”We went up to Woodstock and spent a weekend jamming, and that’s how the lyrics and music came together. We were just up in Woodstock having a good time, and when we were doing the pre-production up there, it just felt like we were doing the first record again, where we were having so much fun in a cabin. It’s just one of those songs you write and you think back on eight, almost nine years of solid friendship, a decade-plus in some cases.”

Check out “From Now On” below.


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