Deap Vally’s Lindsey Troy Talks Gear, New Album with Total Guitar


Deap Vally singer/guitarist Lindsey Troy recently caught up with Total Guitar to talk shop and discuss the L.A.-based duo’s debut album SistrIonix, which dropped earlier this month.

The album’s guitar riffs were heavily dictated by the fact that the band is a two-piece act, and Troy said that’s a good thing.

“Working in the confines of a two-piece definitely affects my choices on guitar,” she told Total Guitar. “I like that, it’s a nice challenge and it pushes me. Most of our songs aren’t chord based per se; they work around a mixture of chords and riffs or just riffs peppered with power chords. It’s not your standard chord-based guitar rock.”

Listen to “Lies” off Sistrionix below, and get your copy of the album here.


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