Deap Vally Scorches Lollapalooza Crowd

Deap Vally
Photos by Tyler Curtis.

Upon first glance, the two petite women that make up duo Deap Vally might seem innocuous, but they certainly bring the fury when it comes to their punch-you-in-the-face live show.

Taking the Petrillo Stage in the 1:30 p.m. slot at Lollapalooza, Deap Vally ran through a searing 45-minute set that made you want to dunk your head in an ice bath.

With Lindsey Troy ripping off heavy White Stripes-esque riffs and Julie Edwards absolutely crushing her drums, the Los Angeles-based band played songs about love, songs about empowerment and one song about a one-night stand.

Of course, Troy didn’t earn any points among sports fans, as one fan held up an inflatable version of the NHL’s Lord Stanley Cup and she cheekily asked if it was for football, earning chuckles from the audience.

Before the show ended, with grey clouds rolling in for what would be a brief summer shower, Troy explained that Deap Vally was going to play “Walk of Shame” in the hopes that everyone watching would get to experience that this weekend.

Exploding out of the gate with power strums on the guitar synced with Edwards’ booming kick drum, the beat was hypnotizing if not for how powerful it sounded.

Which might also be an apt description of Deap Vally.

And they both did it in bare feet!

The love came early in the show, when Edwards dedicated a track to her husband, who – as she joked – was given the gift of being her tour manager for the day.

Troy was relentless on the guitar all afternoon, perhaps most notably on “Gonna Make My Own Money.”  Troy has stated that the song is about “people underestimating your ability to do things as women and feeling like ‘f*ck you, I’m gonna do this and prove you all wrong!’”

As Troy took her axe to nastier levels and Edwards’ kit begging for forgiveness, it was evident that Deap Vally is indeed a pair to be reckoned with.

Deap Vally at Lollapalooza

Deap Vally at Lollapalooza


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