Dawes Featured in Guitar Center’s July Buyer’s Guide


Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith and bassist Wylie Gelber are featured on the cover of the latest buyer’s guide from Guitar Center.

Inside the guide, the duo talked about their musical upbringing and how the band was an evolution of Gelber and Goldsmith’s previous group Simon Dawes.

“I started playing guitar when I was 12, but, again, I was making music with Blake [Mills, co-founder of Simon Dawes]. I think I was 12, he was 11,” Goldsmith noted.  ”And he was such a phenomenal guitar player right off the bat that I never really drifted towards guitar as an expressive, lead instrument. I just learned it to write songs.  When Dawes started, that was the first thing that I did … I, sort of, had to start actually learning how to play guitar. North Hills, our first album, those were the first guitar solos I’d ever really played. It’s been a blast. Even yesterday, we were rehearsing and I was just thinking about how much fun the instrument gets—more and more as time goes on. But, yeah, I feel very new to the instrument in a lot of ways.”

Goldsmith and Gelber also ran through their some of their go-to gear.  For Goldsmith, fans would be hard-pressed to see him without his favorite Telecaster, while Gelber regularly plays a 1953 Precision Bass.

Read the entire interview here.


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