Cooper Veteran Dunaway Onstage in U.K. with Blinding Jazz Bass

Photo by Patrick Brzezinski

Get an eyeful of Dennis Dunaway’s modded-out Jazz Bass during a show with his trio, Blue Coupe, at the Jersey Opera House in Jersey, U.K., on Feb. 2.

Dunaway is best known for his ’70s-era stint with Alice Cooper, including classic albums Love It to Death and Killer (1971), School’s Out (1972), and Billion Dollar Babies and Muscle of Love (1973).

Much of that work features the blindingly bedecked Jazz Bass seen above —long ago dubbed by Dunaway as the “Billion Dollar Jazz Bass”—which the bassist himself painstakingly covered with mirrors and other glittering accoutrement back in the early 1970s. Thus decorated, you would not believe how this thing looks under stage lights.

Of the Feb. 2 show on the small Channel Island, in fact, Dunaway said some concertgoers called it “the most amazing bass they had ever seen.”

The show wrapped up Blue Coupe’s January-February U.K. tour. Dunaway formed the trio in the 2000s with longtime Blue Öyster Cult veterans Albert and Joe Bouchard (drums and guitar, respectively).

In other Dunaway news, the white 1970 Jazz Bass he used to record Billion Dollar Babies track and hit single “Hello Hurray” in 1972 has been put on display at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.



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