Coldplay’s ‘Mylo Xyloto’ Set To Drop Tuesday

Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto Set To Drop Tuesday

By Mike Duffy

Bring out your spray paint and get ready to tag the walls along with Coldplay, as the British band is set to release it’s graffiti-inspired album, Mylo Xyloto, on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

Taking a cue from the freedom 1970s graffiti artists embodied in New York, the record is a pastiche of danceable, rollicking tunes like “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” and thoughtful head-nodders like “Paradise.”

And pop phenomenon Rihanna even shows up, adding vocals to “Princess of China.”

In all, lead singer Chris Martin believes the group’s latest offering is a bold statement in experimentation.

“It’s definitely a schizophrenic album … it keeps changing sounds,” he said in an interview with MTV. “That’s why we called it such a strange thing, Mylo Xyloto. Because we felt like so many people have already made up their minds about us, both good and bad, that we can sort of start again from scratch and try and reflect all the music we listen to and we love.”

Part of that schizophrenic quality can be attributed to the myriad of producers, such as Markus Drays, Daniel Green and Rik Simpson.

Experimental music-master Brian Eno – who produced 2008’s Viva La Vida – also contributed.

“Working with Brian, he was very much of the opinion that you should just be free to follow whatever you feel sounds best without worrying about having to talk about it in interviews and everything and explain it,” said Martin.

Mylo Xyloto will be available in digital, CD and vinyl formats and as a special limited edition Pop-Up album.

And as far as the pronunciation of Mylo Xyloto, the band wishes you much luck.

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And for a preview of some of the songs, check out this lengthy performance from The Late Show with David Letterman:


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