Coheed and Cambria Enjoying Success of 'Year'

Coheed & Cambria bassist Michael Todd photo

Coheed and Cambria’s bassist Michael Todd recently played Coachella with his trusty Geddy Lee Signature Model Jazz Bass®.
Photo by Billy Siegle

In mid-April, prog-rockers Coheed and Cambria released their fifth studio album, Year of the Black Rainbow, an effort that bassist Michael Todd says is “really different than our last ones.”

Todd feels that the change has a lot to do with “new” drummer Chris Pennie; Pennie joined Coheed and Cambria back in 2007, but Year of the Black Rainbow marks his first contribution to one of the band’s studio albums.

“Every member of the band has been really instrumental and present in all of our records,” explains Todd. “Our previous drummer had that swagger, almost like a hip-hop feel to an indie band. This drummer comes from more of a jazz/polymeter/metal background. That’s a lot more present and that’s changed the way I’ve played the bass and changed the way we all kind of write as a band.”

Pennie, also a co-founder of Dillinger Escape Plan, discussed his contribution with Billboard.

“It means a lot, man, to be three years into my life in the band and to finally have something tangible to hold in my hands and say, ‘Wow, I’m a part of this,”  Pennie said, also acknowledging that recording period was “really kind of a dark time…But I’m grateful (the band) really stuck with me and we got to this point where I’m free and clear and onward and upward. Now I can document it and say, ‘Hey, this is something I was able to finally, 100 percent be a part of.’ It’s an amazing feeling, a really special feeling.”

Similar to their previous albums, Year of the Black Rainbow is another concept album, but this one serves as a prequel to their sci-fi based storyline, “The Amory Wars,” and is accompanied by a 352-page companion novel in deluxe editions. The album enjoyed a top-five debut on the Billboard 200, its best showing ever.

“We don’t technically really get into (chart positions) that much,” Pennie said to Billboard, “but it’s nice to know that still, five albums deep, the band has such a great following.”

Purchase the album here.

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