Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen Shares Vintage 1952 Tele With Guitar Aficionado

Cheap Trick guitarist and avid guitar collector Rick Nielsen shared the story behind his treasured 1952 Fender Telecaster in the latest issue of Guitar Aficionado.

Nielsen told the magazine he got the vintage Tele in the mid-60s when a man walked in to his father’s music store in Rockford, Ill., to trade it in for another guitar. Being a guitar connoisseur, Nielsen knew right away this one was a keeper.

Although the guitar is now retired, theĀ 1952 Tele had its share of wild adventures, including touring around the world 13 times, and being recovered from a pawn shop after it was stolen.

Get your copy of Guitar Aficionado here to read more on Nielsen’s vintage Tele.


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