Plugged In: The Boxer Rebellion

The members of London-based indie outfit the Boxer Rebellion like to think of themselves as the luckiest unlucky band ever because, as frontman Nathan Nicholson explains, “There are far, far more unlucky bands, and the fact is you haven’t heard of them because they are so unlucky.”

Plugged In: Ume

When their touring van broke down two weeks ago in the desert on I-10 outside Los Angeles, noise-rock trio Ume dialed AAA for a tow, transferred their gear to a minivan and kept on rolling.

Plugged In: New Politics

What do you get when you mix a jazz drummer, a grunge guitarist and a hip-hop singer? New Politics, a rock trio from Copenhagen, Denmark, that is living out the “American Dream” …

Plugged In: Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

Forget about pigeonholing Dusty Rhodes and the River Band into any one particular genre. The Fullerton-formed indie outfit is just as home opening for Flogging Molly as they are Blind Melon, Brand New or even the Aquabats.

Plugged In: Gift Horse

Some of you may have recently caught this up-and-coming band live at SXSW in Austin, but Athens-based Gift Horse is dashing towards the release of their debut album.

Plugged In: Say Anything

In their white short-sleeve button-down collar dress shirts, black slacks and schoolboy trimmed hair…

Plugged In: The Urgency

There’s nothing like four dudes living in an overpriced one-bedroom loft apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y., to create a real sense of urgency…

Plugged In: The Summer Set

Fender News spent an afternoon with The Summer Set, an Arizona-based power punk that just released their first studio album.

Plugged In: Moneen

If you already know about Canada-based rock band Moneen, here’s your chance to get caught up with the them. If you don’t, then it’s time to plug in and given them a listen.

Plugged In: Hey Monday 

Plugged In will be an ongoing feature on, highlighting Fender artists who we strongly recommend you “plug in” and give a listen. Hey Monday, a female-fronted pop rock sensation out of West Palm, Fla., is first up.