Plugged In: Ume

When their touring van broke down two weeks ago in the desert on I-10 outside Los Angeles, noise-rock trio Ume dialed AAA for a tow, transferred their gear to a minivan and kept on rolling.

Plugged In: New Politics

What do you get when you mix a jazz drummer, a grunge guitarist and a hip-hop singer? New Politics, a rock trio from Copenhagen, Denmark, that is living out the “American Dream” …

Plugged In: Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

Forget about pigeonholing Dusty Rhodes and the River Band into any one particular genre. The Fullerton-formed indie outfit is just as home opening for Flogging Molly as they are Blind Melon, Brand New or even the Aquabats.

Plugged In: Gift Horse

Some of you may have recently caught this up-and-coming band live at SXSW in Austin, but Athens-based Gift Horse is dashing towards the release of their debut album.

Plugged In: Say Anything

In their white short-sleeve button-down collar dress shirts, black slacks and schoolboy trimmed hair…

Plugged In: The Urgency

There’s nothing like four dudes living in an overpriced one-bedroom loft apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y., to create a real sense of urgency…

Plugged In: The Summer Set

Fender News spent an afternoon with The Summer Set, an Arizona-based power punk that just released their first studio album.

Plugged In: Moneen

If you already know about Canada-based rock band Moneen, here’s your chance to get caught up with the them. If you don’t, then it’s time to plug in and given them a listen.

Plugged In: Hey Monday 

Plugged In will be an ongoing feature on, highlighting Fender artists who we strongly recommend you “plug in” and give a listen. Hey Monday, a female-fronted pop rock sensation out of West Palm, Fla., is first up.