Plugged In: Infantree

Don’t try to pin a specific music genre on Southern California indie rockers Infantree. When listening to their latest album, a ton of influences come to mind.

Plugged In: Fort Lean

Fort Lean have only been a real band for a little less than a year, but the Brooklyn-based indie rockers have a lot of musical chops between them.

Plugged In: YAYO

A group of young Texans has its sights set on becoming the next “epic” rock act.

Plugged In: The Drowning Men

Meet the Drowning Men, a quintet of indie-rockers hailing from Oceanside, Calif.  But, to tag them solely as indie-rockers would undermine the musical cornucopia they represent. Formed six years ago in the outskirts of San Diego, the Drowning Men is a vintage-indie rock band that blends the liveliness of Irish folk with the dark and ominous sounds of gypsy music.

Plugged In: The Boxer Rebellion

The members of London-based indie outfit the Boxer Rebellion like to think of themselves as the luckiest unlucky band ever because, as frontman Nathan Nicholson explains, “There are far, far more unlucky bands, and the fact is you haven’t heard of them because they are so unlucky.”