Plugged In: Infantree

Don’t try to pin a specific music genre on Southern California indie rockers Infantree. When listening to their latest album, a ton of influences come to mind.

Plugged In: Fort Lean

Fort Lean have only been a real band for a little less than a year, but the Brooklyn-based indie rockers have a lot of musical chops between them.

Plugged In: YAYO

A group of young Texans has its sights set on becoming the next “epic” rock act.

Plugged In: The Drowning Men

Meet the Drowning Men, a quintet of indie-rockers hailing from Oceanside, Calif.  But, to tag them solely as indie-rockers would undermine the musical cornucopia they represent. Formed six years ago in the outskirts of San Diego, the Drowning Men is a vintage-indie rock band that blends the liveliness of Irish folk with the dark and ominous sounds of gypsy music.