Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Flashback: U2

If you had to pick one iconic U2 moment, what would it be? The earnestly engaging “Gloria” video that entered MTV’s regular rotation in 1981? The band’s inspiring 1985 Live Aid performance in London, clearly placing it among the global rock elite? The first time singer Paul Hewson — Bono to you and me — donned those yellow wrap-around “fly” shades that became one of his visual trademarks? Or, more recently, the massive 360° Tour of 2009-2011, which became the highest-grossing concert trek in history?

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Flashback: The Rolling Stones

If you start me up, If you start me up I’ll never stop.” Although the “Start Me Up” lyrics refer to sexual prowess, they are just as applicable to the Stones and their stronghold on the title of longest-lived continuously active group in rock ‘n’ roll history.

Fender Hall of Fame Inducts Hendrix, Fullerton

In one of its most eagerly awaited annual induction ceremonies, Fender welcomed a very special pair of honorees into its Hall of Fame on Friday, Aug. 13; one a legendary artist and the other a key behind-the-scenes figure in the company’s early years.

Hall of Fame Flashback: The Beach Boys

Brian Wilson’s concept for the Beach Boys was a simple one: Combine the harmony vocals of the Four Freshmen with the rock ‘n’ roll style of Chuck Berry and the production values of Phil Spector, and compose lyrics about life as a teenager in Southern California.