Built To Spill Shows SXSW Their Indie Rock Roots

Indie-rock godfathers Built to Spill certainly have their share of fans that attend the annual South by Southwest music festival, and that was none more apparent than at the Showdown at Cedar Street with FILTER Magazine on Saturday.

With Spill frontman Doug Martsch leading the way, the quintet played a mix of older and newer tunes, having released their latest record, There is No Enemy, in 2009.

The St. Patrick’s Day revelry may have contributed to the raucous crowd, but judging by the amount of people who sang along with each song, Built to Spill was the main attraction.

Martsch played the part of stoic centerpiece, his black Stratocaster in the middle of two other guitarists – Brett Netson and Jim Rother.

There is no fight amongst the trio of axe-slingers while on stage.  In fact, it seems that there is some improvisation going on when they are playing live.  Roth’s Telecaster is a self-made piece with a Strat tremolo, while Netson has some sort of a Frankenstein stripped-down Jaguar.

They all contribute to the layered sound classic of Built to Spill.

Highlights of the sun-showered afternoon set included “You Were Right” and “Strange,” but the audience was exceptionally fired up for the encore of “Carry The Zero” from 1999′s Keep It Like A Secret.

At this point, there don’t seem to be any big 2012 tour planned for Built to Spill, but that could change.

Judging by one big day at the Cedar Street courtyard, the fans would surely welcome them on the road.

For more information, visit Built to Spill’s official website.


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