Building out the Fender Showcase at NAMM

John Mayer at Fender NAMM Show

The Fender team has spent the last few days readying the Fender Showcase for the 2014 NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif, which kicks off on Thursday. The annual trade show allows music merchants to display their latest wares, and the Fender booths are definitely well stocked with the latest and greatest — from Fender Electrics to Fender Amps to Fender Acoustics to Fender Audio and more.

Amidst the set up craze, Fender signature artist John Mayer came by for an early tour, spending some time in the Fender Custom Shop with Mike Eldred before heading over to the amp area where he plugged in a Custom Shop Tele to the new ’68 Custom Deluxe-Reverb amp.

“I feel like it’s very touch sensitive,” said Mayer of the amp. “Everything that I play, every little nuance comes through.”

“I’ve been going for Jerry Garcia tone as hard as I can get lately,” noted Mayer as he rolled off a few Grateful Dead licks. His noodling quickly drew an audience as both staffers and NAMM crew flocked to the booth to hear the blues guitarist.

Check out our highlight clip of the booth build out below.


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