Brotherhood of the Guitar Growing in Numbers

The brainchild of virtuoso rock photographer Robert M. Knight is gaining notoriety, as the Brotherhood of the Guitar was recently featured in the Dallas Observer.

The piece by Christian McPhate centered on the project Knight pulled together with the help of Fender, Ernie Ball and Guitar Center that seeks the guitarists of the future, prodigies from around the world between the ages of 14 and 20.

Recently, Knight has interviewed a few new members of the Brotherhood of the Guitar — Dallas’ Tyler Tallant, Phoenix’s Gus Campbell and John Prentice from Nashville.

Ranging in age between 14 and 16, the young axemen seemed to have a solid knowledge of the guitar slingers that came before them when asked about their influences.

“John Frusciante, Mike McCready, Marty Morris… because they all kind of have ‘feeling’ when they’re playing,” said Tallant.

“I always seem to go back to the two that started it all for me, and that’s Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix,” Campbell noted.

Knight, who set up a Facebook page for other young guitar enthusiasts to connect with each other, said the search for up-and-coming talent is never over.

“The end result for the Brotherhood is to shine a light,” Knight said. “The net results so far have been artists getting signed, joining bands and getting record deals while also introducing them to the real music world, which is full of sharks, and giving them advice on what to avoid.”

Watch the interviews with Tallant, Campbell and Prentice in the clips below.

Read the full piece here and visit the Brotherhood’s official Facebook page for more information.

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