Blacktop Jazzmaster HS Review

Vintage Guitar’s March 2011 issue includes a review of our new Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster HS.

Reviewer Pete Prown breaks down the specs and the considerable tone versatility as such:

“The humbucker is a gnarly rock-and-roll pickup, while the Jazzmaster is fat and vibey, with plenty of Fender spank. Turn up the Gain and enjoy a bevy of Stevie Ray tones; make it cleaner, dial up the reverb, and yer’ in surf city.”

Prown wrangled additional rock sounds out of the middle pickup, and “got convincing Neil Young-styled wiggles with the floating vibrato and the gain and ‘verb turned up.”

In conclusion, he writes, “With a dirt-cheap street price and classic Fender vibe up the yin-yang, the Blacktop Jazzmaster is a terrific combination of old-world twang and modern rockability.”

Pick up the issue and flip  to page 148 for the review in its entirety.


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